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One who succeeded in failing; 7. Marines: A small, help on statistics homework fouled-up Army talking Navy lingo. Apologist: An expert in moon missions. Discussion: 1. A method of confirming others in their errors; 2. Psychology: What children manage parents with. Dance: 1. Vertical expression of a horizontal idea; 2. Someone who worries about things that didn’t happen in the past instead of worrying about things that won’t happen in the future; 6. Acute Alcoholic: An attractive drunk. Oleate: What Ole did when he went to a restaurant. Remainder of greeting. “Heidi. Gargoyle: An olive flavoured mouthwash. Recess: Teacher’s coffee break. A law of nature rarely found in human affairs; 7. Elitism: It’s not for everyone. Educated Person: One who voluntarily does more thinking than is necessary for his own survival. Wise Crack: A comedian with a PHD. Apron: A large primate moving very fast on his feet. Loafer: 1. A person who tries to make both weekends meet; 2.

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We generally respond to all reported issues in about a day. What will get you to the top if the boss has no daughter; 3. Alfred Nobel: A man who endowed the world with dynamite and prizes to discourage its use. Ideal Summer Resort: A place where fish bite and mosquitoes don’t. Bid Opening: Apoker game in which the losing hand wins. A linguist’s favourite spice. As mentioned above, while the eighth edition recommends including URLs when you cite online sources, custom writing on the wall you should always check with your instructor or editor and include URLs at their discretion. Executive Ability: The art of getting the credit for all the hard work that somebody else does. Irish: An English-piquing people. ESP N: Programming for psychics. Oratoreador: An orator who specializes in throwing the bull. Parks and Recreation. Deedle-Dee Productions and Universal Media Studios, 2015. Command shouted at tomato that is slowest to ripen. A souvenir of love; 10. A state where a woman is no longer hoping - just expecting; 11. The group leader, resume and cover letter writing service perth who has the tickets, usually waits in the bar until the required pre-boarding time of five minutes before departure or until there are no seats left together, whichever occurs last. Napkin: 1. A lapkerchief; 2. A cloth laptop. The age between puberty and adultery; 17. Good Ole Boy: (Southern) Any Southern male between age 16 and 60 who has an amiable disposition and is fond of boon companions, strong drink, hound dawgs, fishin’, creative writing assessment rubric huntin’, and good lookin’ women, but not necessarily in that order.

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Bow Wow: A TV performer’s low-cut dress. Leg: An appendage of the body. Most humans have two, which start at the ankles, and go all the way up to make an ass out of themselves. Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Rock: The kind of music no matter what notes you play, creative writing scaffold year 12 wrong sounds the same. Hard Luck: Something composed of laziness, bad judgement, scholarships creative writing and poor execution. A man who, while waiting for a woman, keeps his motor running; 12. Ghost: A shadow of its former self. Vibration: A motion that cannot make up its mind which way it wants to go. Musician: Someone who makes a living by playing around. Frump: A woman who looks her age and doesn’t try to overlook it. Indicative of an established couple (i.e. A fisherman who takes a camera with him when he goes fishing; 29. Unrecognized talent; 12. A nudist with a memory for faces; 13. A fellow whose wife beats him to the garage; 3. In high school: The girth of your tuba player.

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Horsepower: A power which has put the horse out of business.


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